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Experience the taste of a perfect Millets at Milletso, one of the best shop!

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We use only best quality of millets to sell .

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Milletso is the place of the best bakery and high-quality Products.

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Pure Millets Cookies,(Oats, Bajara and Ragi with Honey & Almond), 200 gm pack
Rs. 120.00
Pure Millets cookies,(Oats, Bajara and Ragi with Rock Salt, Zeera & Ajwain), 200 gm pack
Rs. 120.00
Cookies (Ragi Ajwain With Sendha Namak (Rock Salt)), 200 gm pack
Rs. 160.00
Rs. 150.00
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Please reserve your Milletso cookies at least 1 day in advance.we offer Pure Millets cookies,Ragi Almonds with coconut cookies, Ragi with Choclate cookies